Primary Challenge

Core purpose of the Partnership

The Waltham Forest Primary Challenge is a partnership between the local authority and schools with the aim of creating collaborative networks to improve the quality of education and learning outcomes for children in Waltham Forest.


The Partnership aims to support a distributed, sustainable self-improving education system in a shared, collaborative culture of educational excellence that recognises those in schools and other providers as equal, trusted partners. It intends to build on existing networks, relationships and local partnerships to ensure that no school is isolated and is able to access timely and pre-emptive support.



Objectives of The Primary Challenge

The Primary Challenge works towards achieving the following objectives:

  • Encouraging schools to highlight and identify their strengths – so all schools can be part of the collaborative network, to be included in the directory
  • Develop a directory of expertise to improve the standards of education provided to all children and young people in Waltham Forest; to be reviewed annually
  • To develop networks/triads and develop relationships to bring about improvements and empower all schools to be a part of local strategies;
  • To consider the priority areas within the school system and identify, suggest and deliver suitable strategies for their resolution;
  • Creating networks within Waltham Forest offering CPD and collaborative support that promotes Waltham Forest as a high quality provider, addressing some barriers to recruitment locally
  • Training Evaluations
  • Evaluation 2016_2017 Primary Challenge
  • Evaluation 2016_2017 Reading Project



Arbor Academy Trust,

Davies Lane Primary School,

Davies Lane,



E11 3DR




Main Telephone

0208 539 2466

Human Resources

0208 539 2466 ext  2333




School hours

Office Hours

8.00am - 4.30pm